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1 How many birds are depicted on the logo of food and confectionery company Nestle?
2 The Five Sisters of ‘where’ appear in a story told in the novel ‘Nicholas Nickleby’ by Charles Dickens?
3 Which US city hosted the 2002 Winter Olympic Games?
4 Jeanne Louise Calment, the only person confirmed to have reached over 122 years of age, was born in which country in 1875?
5 Howard and Hilda Hughes are characters in which 1980’s BBC television series?
6 ‘The Cloud Club’, which closed in 1979, occupied the 66th, 67th and 68th floors of which New York building?
7 Which British boxer is known as ‘A-Force’?
8 Which UK comedy drama was set mostly in the fictional Lancashire mining town of Utterley in the 1930’s?
9 Which US President was born William Jefferson Blythe III?
10 The Straddle Technique was a style performed in which athletics event?
11 British television puppet Lenny the Lion belonged to which ventriloquist?
12 In the game of bridge, which card is known as the Beer Card?
13 In an Edward Lear poem, who has a Luminous Nose?
14 Neopolitan ice cream is traditionally made up of how many flavours?
15 What is the maximum length, in metres, of a bowling green?
16 ‘Dundermusen’ is the Swedish version of which UK television cartoon hero?
17 A Sachertorte is a type of chocolate cake which originated in which country?
18 Birchill, Thornhill and Lisvane are all areas of which British city?
19 Cyanophobia is an abnormal fear of which colour?
20 Sound engineer Peter Lodge first announced which phrase on the London Undergound rail network in 1969?