1 Which rugby union team position wears shirt number 15? Full back
2 Porphyrophobia is the irrational fear of, or aversion to, which colour? Purple
3 Ozzy Osbourne, lead singer and frontman of the band Black Sabbath, was born in which British city? Birmingham
4 Eton College is in which English county? Berkshire
5 In communications, what does VoIP stand for? Voice over Internet Protocol
6 What is the surname of Muppet Dr Bunsen in the children’s television series ‘The Muppets’? Honeydew
7 Which French President was nicknamed ‘The Great Asparagus’? Charles De Gaulle
8 The Barbary Partridge is the national bird of which British Overseas Territory? Gibraltar
9 Which English king was known as ‘The Confessor’? Edward
10 What is the nickname of the London building at 30, St Mary Axe? The Gherkin
11 The River Cafe Restaurant in London specialises in the cuisine of which country? Italy
12 PA is the abbreviation for which US state? Pennsylvania
13 ‘Le Tour du Monde en Quatre-Vingt Jours’ is the French title if which novel? Around the World in Eighty Days
14 Carving, Herringbone, Runout and Tail are all terms used in which sport? Skiing
15 The Sylvian Fissure is found in which organ of the human body? Brain
16 A group of which animals is known as a Tower? Giraffes
17 During which year did the Channel Tunnel, between England and France, open? 1994
18 ‘Jeg elsker dig’ is Danish for what? I love you
19 Which English professional footballer has the tattoo ‘Just Enough Education To Perform’ on his right arm? Wayne Rooney
20 Which 1955 Alfred Hitchcock film was shot at the Carlton Hotel in Cannes, where an armed robber stole jewels worth 40 million Euros in July 2013? To Catch a Thief