1 Michel Martelly became President of which Caribbean country in May 2011? Haiti
2 A group of which birds is known as a Murder? Crows
3 Sphagnum is what type of plant? Moss
4 What does the Latin phrase ‘Volens et potens’ translate to in English? Willing and able
5 In the 1962 film ‘Lolita’, what is Lolita’s first name? Dolores
6 ‘Arundells’ was the home of which British Prime Minister? Edward Heath
7 Captain Phoebus, Clopin and Esmeralda are all characters from which 1996 Disney film? The Hunchback of Notre Dame
8 What is the 22nd letter of the Greek alphabet? Chi
9 What are the bars or wire rods called which connect the hub of a wheel to its rim? Spokes
10 Who was the first serving US President to visit Australia? Lyndon B Johnson
11 The Kaizer Chiefs is a premier league football team in which country? South Africa
12 Who plays Police Inspector Javert in the 2012 film ‘Les Miserables’? Russell Crowe
13 In September 1983, 38 Irish Republican Army prisoners escaped from which prison in the largest prison escape in British history? Maze Prison
14 Who was British Poet Laureate 1850 to 1892, the longest tenure of any British laureate? Alfred Tennyson
15 In June 1975, Mozambique gained independence from which European country? Portugal
16 US film director and actor Shelton Jackson Lee is better known by what name? Spike Lee
17 Who won the 1990 Wimbledon Ladies Singles Tennis Championship? Martina Navratilova
18 Which British television chef was reported as saying ‘Michelin Stars, they’re my past’? Marco Pierre White
19 In the game of chess, what does GM stand for? Grandmaster
20 What is the real name of former BBC Radio 1 dj Lard? Marc Riley