1 Which British monarch was born Albert Frederick Arthur George? King George VI
2 American real estate developer and rancher Mary Anderson is credited with inventing which operational part of a car in 1903? Windscreen wiper
3 ‘Loitering With Intent’ is a 1993 autobiography by which British actor? Peter O’Toole
4 The Hilsa is the national fish of which Asian country? Bangladesh
5 Which creature represents the Deadly Sin of pride? Peacock
6 What is the nickname of the frontiersman Nathaniel Poe, played by Daniel Day Lewis, in the 1992, film ‘The Last of the Mohicans’? Hawkeye
7 During 1897, the World’s first radio station was set up by Marconi at the Needles Battery at the western tip of which European island? Isle of Wight
8 A silkie is what type of bird? Chicken
9 What is the title of Timothy Dalton’s first James Bond film? The Living Daylights
10 Which British city was European Capital of Culture in 1990? Glasgow
11 Goodbye Teens is the bingo call for which number? 19
12 On which island is the 2001 film ‘The Others’ set? Jersey
13 Selenophobia is the abnormal fear of which celestial body? The moon
14 Which US state is known as the ‘Natural State’? Arkansas
15 Composer Edvard Grieg was born in which country? Norway
16 Billy the Badger is the mascot of which English football club? Fulham FC
17 What is the first name of Joey’s nephew in the US television series ‘Joey’? Michael
18 Robin and Giles are the sons of which British Prime Minister? Harold Wilson
19 Where on the face is the Darwin Grieg Muscle? Between the eyebrows/forehead
20 Which animal represented the year 2010 in the Chinese calendar? Tiger