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1 What was the middle name of late US author Truman Capote?
2 The Stotinka is a unit of currency of which European country?
3 A Spartan is what type of fruit?
4 Bee, Giant and Broad-tailed are all species of which bird?
5 Who founded the Standard Oil Company in 1870?
6 What was the World’s first teletext information service?
7 Athlete Usain Bolt advertised which media company’s products in 2012?
8 Siderodromophilia is the sexual arousal caused by which means of transport?
9 What is the surname of the siblings Harriet, James and John in the Charles Dickens novel ‘Dombey and Son’?
10 Bara Brith is a fruit bread originating in which country?
11 What is the name of the road tunnel which opened in Switzerland in September 1980, and is almost 17 kilometres long?
12 English singer/songwriter Lynsey Monckton Rubin is better known by what name?
13 Zimt is German for which spice?
14 Ambergris is a waxy substance used in perfumery and is believed to originate in the intestines of which creatures?
15 Which planet in our solar system was discovered by Johann Galle and Heinrich D’Arrest in 1846?
16 What is the US state capital of Maine?
17 Late US singer/songwriter Jiles Perry Richardson Jr, born October 1930, was better known by what name?
18 In the US, Thanksgiving Day falls on the fourth Thursday of which month?
19 In cookery, Spanakopita is filo pastry traditionally stuffed with feta cheese and which vegetable?
20 The Polar Music Prize is an annual award in which country for significant achievements in music?