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1 The British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar shares a land border with which country?
2 The Giant panda is native to which country?
3 The 1857 Sepoy Mutiny took place in which country?
4 What is a female hyena called?
5 Bohol, Masbate, Luzon and Jolo are all part of which island group?
6 The first ‘Heroes Welcome’, a scheme designed to encourage British communities to demonstrate support to members of the Armed Forces, was launched in 2008 in which North Yorkshire resort town?
7 Which US boxer, born February 1977, has the nickname ‘Pretty Boy’?
8 Which English coastal resort is known as ‘London-by-the-sea’?
9 Caroline Alice Roberts was the wife of which English composer?
10 What was the middle name of US inventor Thomas Edison?
11 Which year saw the first commercial Concorde flight?
12 In medicine, a spirometer is an instrument for measuring the air capacity of which part of the body?
13 How many legs does a wasp have?
14 What is the middle name of British singer David Bowie?
15 The painting entitled ‘The View if Tinherir’ is a work by which British Prime Minister?
16 What is the surname of the family in the British television show ‘Butterflies’?
17 A caldera is a feature of which natural structure?
18 In the US, National Ice Cream Day, the third Sunday in July, was designated by which President?
19 Bayer Designations relate to which celestial bodies?
20 Bump, Campfire, Joust and Pancake are all terms used in which sport?