1 Which duo wrote the UK television series ‘Dad’s Army’? Jimmy Perry and David Croft
2 In medicine, if something is subcutaneous it is applied or located under which organ of the body? Skin
3 What is the nickname of the youngest child of late US singer Michael Jackson? Blanket (Prince Michael II)
4 Food brand Knorr was founded in which country? Germany
5 What was the first name of 18th Century gardener Capability Brown? Lancelot
6 Cronian relates to which planet in our solar system? Saturn
7 Who wrote the 1869 novel ‘Lorna Doone’? R D Blackmore
8 The song ‘Tossed Salad and Scrambled Eggs’ is sung at the end of each episode of which US television series? Frazier
9 Greenburst, Zohar, Munchkin and Kong are all varieties of which flower? Sunflower
10 What is the name of the loose, white wide-sleeved linen vestment worn over a cassock by clergy and choristers at Christian services? Surplice
11 English highwayman Dick Turpin was executed in 1739 in which city? York
12 Which Muppet from the television series shares a name with a former US President? Grover
13 The Royal Pavilion, designed by John Nash in the 18th Century, is in which British seaside resort? Brighton
14 In the play by Shakespeare, what is the first name of Hamlet’s mother? Gertrude
15 Which chemical compound has the molecular formula H2O2? Hydrogen peroxide
16 How much, in pounds sterling, is the cheapest property on a British Monopoly Board? 60 pounds
17 What was the name of the ‘asylums’ in Britain which were slave laundries from the 18th to late 20th Centuries, ostensibly to house ‘fallen women’? Magdalene Asylums
18 A Spur Royal was a rare English gold coin, first issued during the reign of which monarch? King James I
19 Who was the leader of the Greek forces during the Trojan War? Agamemnon
20 Which New York landmark is known as ‘The Crossroads of the World’? Times Square