1 The Bermuda Bowl is a biennial world championship tournament in which game? Contract Bridge
2 Actor Kenneth Branagh was born in which UK city? Belfast
3 According to the Bible, what is the name of the site outside the walls of Jerusalem where Jesus is said to have been crucified? Calvary
4 Batting, Cornerstones, Sashing and Layer Cake are all terms used in which handicraft? Quilting
5 Frounce is a disease of the mouth and throat of which creatures? Birds
6 Which English town is known as ‘The Rural Capital of Food’? Melton Mowbray
7 In which year were Jumping Jack fireworks banned from sale in the UK? 1997
8 Which British Overseas Territory is located on the southern end of the Iberian Peninsula at the entrance of the Mediterranean, and has an area of approximately 2.6 square miles? Gibraltar
9 Supermodel Elle McPherson was born in which country? Australia
10 Bat and Ball is a railway station in which English county? Kent
11 In which year did Winston Churchill retire as British Prime Minister? 1955
12 In the Bible, which son of Jacob and Rachel could interpret dreams? Joseph
13 Penderyn whisky is made in which European country? Wales
14 In which country was singer Frank Ifield born in November 1937? England
15 What is the legal minimum age for marriage for men in India? 21 years
16 Soeur is French for which member of the family? Sister
17 Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood are judges on which UK television cookery show? The Great British Bake Off
18 Which James Bond villain has the first name Auric? Goldfinger
19 What was the first name of Anglo-Irish statesman and diplomat Downing, who Downing Street in London was named after? George
20 The name of which element comes from the Greek word for sun? Helium