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1 Aston, Digbeth and Ladywood are all areas of which British city?
2 Who directed the 1993 film ‘Much Ado About Nothing’?
3 In broadcasting and music, what is ‘amp’ short for?
4 Who was Britain’s first female Olympic boxing Gold medal winner?
5 How many inches in a UK mile?
6 Peaches, Steve Wilkos, Tremont and Shawntel are all characters in which stage show?
7 Who was elected President of France in June 1969?
8 Blocking, Second, Weaving and Feint are terms used in which sport?
9 Gennaio is Italian for which month of the year?
10 In the US television series ‘Cheers’, in which year was the bar established?
11 The words of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony (The Choral) were taken from which poem by Friedrich Schiller?
12 In Christianity, ‘Holy Wednesday’ is also known as ‘what’ Wednesday?
13 Bole is a shade of which colour?
14 What is the surname of the brothers Richard and Robert who wrote songs for Disney films?
15 Which letter of the English alphabet is in the title of a series of television shows starring Spike Milligan?
16 During which century did the Battle of Agincourt take place?
17 Ipanema is in which South American country?
18 Which make and model car was US President John F Kennedy travelling in when he was assassinated?
19 What is the only city in the English county of Cornwall?
20 Which Beatles hit song originally had the working title ‘Scrambled Eggs’?