1 In the children’s nursery rhyme, where was ‘The Cock Horse’ ridden to? Banbury Cross
2 Which European band released the album ‘The Joshua Tree’ in 1987? U2
3 US President Bill Clinton belonged to which political party? Democratic Party
4 Which late American musician, who pioneered the styles of rock and roll and rockabilly, was born Vincent Eugene Craddock in 1935? Gene Vincent
5 During which year where same-sex marriages legalised in New York City? 2011
6 Which Brazilian racing driver became the youngest Formula One World Champion after winning the 1972 Italian Grand Prix? Emerson Fitipaldi
7 Who wrote the 1881 novel ‘The Prince and the Pauper’? Mark Twain
8 Born around 950 AD, Viking Erik Thorvaldsson was better known by what name? Erik the Red
9 Which explorer took three ships, Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria on his journey to the New World? Christopher Columbus
10 Chinstrap, Macaroni, Humboldt and Gentoo are all species of which creature? Penguin
11 Pediophobia is the irrational fear of which playthings? Dolls
12 The Likud is a political party in which Middle Eastern country? Israel
13 Which number Amendment to the United States Constitution outlaws slavery? Thirteenth
14 Audrey Forbes-Hamilton was played by Penelope Keith in which British television series? To the Manor Born
15 Gingerbread men were first attributed to which English monarch, who allegedly served them to foreign dignitaries? Queen Elizabeth I
16 Josiah Tulkinghorn is Sir Lester Dedlock’s lawyer in which novel by Charles Dickens? Bleak House
17 Which actor said, in the film ‘World’s Greatest Dad’, ‘I used to think the worst thing in life was to end up all alone. It’s not. The worst thing in life is to end up with people who make you feel all alone’? Robin Williams
18 Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia is the fear of which number? 666
19 English footballer Frank Lampard played for which club from 1995 to 2001? West Ham United FC
20 What is the only city in the English county of Somerset? Wells