1 Which boyband represented the UK in the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest? Blue
2 Who wrote the 1902 play ‘The Admirable Crichton’? J M Barrie
3 English sportswoman Laura Davies is associated with which sport? Golf
4 What does ‘A’ stand for on the scoreboard in a game of tennis? Advantage
5 Which fashion designer is depicted in the painting ‘Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy’ by David Hockney? Ossie Clark
6 Inkberry, Carolina and Hawaiian are all varieties of which garden plant? Holly
7 In motoring, what does SUV stand for? Sport Utility Vehicle
8 In the UK television series ‘Absolutely Fabulous’, what is Edina’s surname? Monsoon
9 Suint is a natural grease formed from the dried perspiration on the coat of which animal? Sheep
10 What is the name of the female demon, or supernatural entity, believed to have sex with a sleeping man? Succubus
11 Who wrote the 19th Century novel ‘Little Women’? Louisa May Alcott
12 Which planet has the biggest moon in our solar system? Jupiter
13 Equus quagga is the scientific name for which animal? Zebra
14 FC Jazz is a football club in which European country? Finland
15 US jazz Musician Thelonious Monk played which instrument? Piano
16 What is the main ingredient of the dish falafel? Chick peas
17 What is the name of the woollen gown worn by a junior barrister in the UK who has not taken silk? Stuff Gown
18 What is the first name of Captain Mainwaring in the UK television series ‘Dad’s Army’? George
19 Sharon Stone plays Ginger McKenna Rothstein in which 1995 film? Casino
20 The tragus is found in which part of the human body? Ear