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1 Annapolis is the capital of which US state?
2 Which English actress was born Julia Wells in 1935?
3 ‘Tacky’s War’ (or Tacky’s Rebellion) was a 1760 uprising of black African slaves in which British colony?
4 United Nations Day is celebrated during which month of the year?
5 What is the subtitle of the 1965 song ‘Norwegian Wood’ by The Beatles?
6 Ophidian relates to which creature?
7 What is the title of Alex Comfort’s best-selling illustrated manual, first published in October 1972?
8 The eight year old daughter of which British politician was left behind in a pub in Buckinghamshire after a family lunch in April 2012?
9 Fiorello LaGuardia was mayor of which city from 1934 to 1945?
10 Which British rhythm and blues/jazz singer and keyboard player was born Clive Powell in June 1943?
11 Who was the Vice President of former US President Bill Clinton?
12 Which four herbs are mentioned in the Simon and Garfunkel song ‘Scarborough Fair’?
13 In a standard game of chess, how many knights does each player start with?
14 In February 1987, which UK airline was privatised and listed on the London Stock Exchange?
15 In 2008, Sarah Stevenson became Britain’s first Olympic medallist in which martial art?
16 On a regular clock face, which number lies opposite 10?
17 Arachnids usually have how many legs?
18 The English resort of Bournemouth lies on which body of water?
19 What was the name of the theatre in which US President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated?
20 ‘Fraulein…..have my children by any chance been climbing trees today’? Is a line from which musical film?