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1 British television commentator Kent Walton was associated with which sport for 33 years?
2 In which Hollywood hotel was singer Janis Joplin found dead of an accidental heroin dose?
3 RMS Titanic called at which Irish port on her way to America in 1912?
4 Psittacosis is a contagious disease that affects which type of birds?
5 The ‘Chorleywood Process’ is used in the making of which foodstuff?
6 Fotheringhay Castle is in which English county?
7 During which month of the year is Oak Apple Day (Royal Oak Day) celebrated?
8 In the BBC television series Doctor Who, what does BOSS, a supercomputer, stand for?
9 Joey, Chandler and Ross are all characters from which US television series?
10 What was the name of the ship that housed pirate radio station Radio Caroline, which sank in March 1980?
11 Which famous concert venue is located at 881 Seventh Avenue, New York?
12 What does the Canadian quarterly publication UMM stand for?
13 Which US President was born Lesley Lynch King Jr?
14 What is the surname of animated character Caspar the Friendly Ghost?
15 In February 2007 which Welsh town was twinned with Timbuktu in Africa?
16 Which Pope was made an honorary member of the Harlem Globetrotters basketball team?
17 Who plays George Carter in the 2012 film ‘The Sweeney’?
18 In humans, the medical condition Hyposmia affects which of the senses?
19 What is the term for a painting which consists of four or more leaves or panels, usually joined by hinges, and often used as an alterpiece?
20 Smiriti is a religious text containing traditional teaching in which religion?