1 The 1972 film ‘Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex (But Were Afraid To Ask)’ was directed by and featured who? Woody Allen
2 Acousticophilia is the sexual arousal by what? Sounds or music
3 What is a castrated man (or castrati) called who is placed in charge of a harem? Eunuch
4 Aphallatia is more commonly known by what name beginning with ‘C’? Celibacy
5 The Florentine Girdle was a type of what? Chastity belt
6 Capnolagia is the arousal from watching others do what? Smoke
7 In males, posthetomy is the removal of what? Foreskin
8 Who wrote the 18th Century novels ‘Justine, or the Misfortunes of Virtue’ and ‘Philosophy in the Bedroom’? Marquis de Sade
9 Which 1980’s British pop star said ‘I’d rather have a cup of tea than sex’? Boy George
10 Brazilian, Hollywood and Playboy Strip are all what types of epilation? Pubic Waxing
11 In medicine, what does STD stand for? Sexually Transmitted Diseases
12 Retifism is a fetish for what? Shoes/footwear
13 Dicterides, Auletrides and Hetairae were all classes of Greek what? Prostitutes/ courtesans
14 Which syndrome, a type of delusional jealousy of infidelity of a spouse or partner, is named after a Shakespearian character? Othello Syndrome
15 Basorexia is a strong desire to do what to a person? Kiss
16 Ophidicism is the use of which creatures for sexual pleasure? Snakes/eels
17 ‘The Temple of Venus’ is a sex museum in which European city? Amsterdam
18 Pygophilia is the sexual arousal by fondling or kissing which part of the body? Buttocks
19 A Sybian is a type of what? Dildo
20 In the human body, a Hottentot Apron (or Sinus Pudoris) is a term used for an elongated what? Labia