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1 The 1972 film ‘Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex (But Were Afraid To Ask)’ was directed by and featured who?
2 Acousticophilia is the sexual arousal by what?
3 What is a castrated man (or castrati) called who is placed in charge of a harem?
4 Aphallatia is more commonly known by what name beginning with ‘C’?
5 The Florentine Girdle was a type of what?
6 Capnolagia is the arousal from watching others do what?
7 In males, posthetomy is the removal of what?
8 Who wrote the 18th Century novels ‘Justine, or the Misfortunes of Virtue’ and ‘Philosophy in the Bedroom’?
9 Which 1980’s British pop star said ‘I’d rather have a cup of tea than sex’?
10 Brazilian, Hollywood and Playboy Strip are all what types of epilation?
11 In medicine, what does STD stand for?
12 Retifism is a fetish for what?
13 Dicterides, Auletrides and Hetairae were all classes of Greek what?
14 Which syndrome, a type of delusional jealousy of infidelity of a spouse or partner, is named after a Shakespearian character?
15 Basorexia is a strong desire to do what to a person?
16 Ophidicism is the use of which creatures for sexual pleasure?
17 ‘The Temple of Venus’ is a sex museum in which European city?
18 Pygophilia is the sexual arousal by fondling or kissing which part of the body?
19 A Sybian is a type of what?
20 In the human body, a Hottentot Apron (or Sinus Pudoris) is a term used for an elongated what?