1 Christopher Eccleston, Kerry Fox and Ewan McGregor played flatmates in which 1994 film? Shallow Grave
2 Fred the Red is the mascot of which English football club? Manchester United FC
3 How old was Shirley temple when she won a special Juvenile Academy Award? Six years old
4 Which scientist wrote a letter to a friend in 1704 in which he predicted the end of the world in 2060? Sir Isaac newton
5 The Ted Kennedys is a tribute band to which band? The Dead Kennedys
6 In which UK city is Headingley railway station? Leeds
7 Vitis is the Latin name for which fruit-bearing plant? Grape Vine
8 Jan Fischer became Prime Minister of which country in 2009? Czech Republic
9 Who was the first European-born and trained National Hockey League captain to win the Stanley Cup? Nicklas Lidstrom
10 Rapunzel, Mother Gothel and Paulo are all characters in which 2010 animated film? Tangled
11 In betting, which odds are known as ‘Enin’? 9 to 1
12 Who won the Golden Shoe Award (top goal scorer) in the 2002 FIFA World Cup? Ronaldo
13 Which British monarch said of his son ‘After I am dead, the boy will ruin himself in 12 months’? King George V
14 Which US state is known as the Sooner State? Oklahoma
15 Which American boxer was born Rocco Francis Marchegiano? Rocky Marciano
16 What does the Latin Phrase ‘Scienta est potentia’ translate to in English? Knowledge is power
17 Which 1990 film was the first western to win Best Picture Oscar for 60 years? Dances With Wolves
18 Astraphobia is the irrational fear of which weather condition? Thunder and lightning
19 What is the first name of Mrs pike, Frank Pike’s mother, in the UK television series ‘Dad’s Army’? Mavis
20 Which, then fictional, award is mentioned in the opening scene of the 1950 film ‘All About Eve’, starring Bette Davis? The Sarah Siddons Award