1 Which English World Darts Champion walks onto the stage to the tune of ‘Things Can Only Get Better’ by D:Ream? Keith Deller
2 The Kroon was a monetary unit of which European country? Estonia
3 In October 2012, what did the minimum hourly wage rise to, in pounds sterling, for over 21 year olds in the UK? 6.19
4 In medicine, albuminurophobia is the fear of disease of which part of the body? Kidney
5 What is a female antelope called? Doe
6 Which year saw the first indoor Wimbledon Men’s Final? 2012
7 ‘Geocentrism’ is the belief that which planet is the centre of the Universe? Earth
8 What colour is the berry of a coffee plant? Red
9 Which US duo performed ‘The Concert in the Park’, a free benefit concert in New York in September 1981? Simon and Garfunkel
10 Which cartoon character is usually portrayed wearing yellow checked trousers and scarf? Rupert the Bear
11 What colour is the front door to 11 Downing Street in London? Black
12 How many bottles of Champagne are in a Rehoboam? Six
13 Which painter had a ‘Blue Period’? Pablo Picasso
14 ‘Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau’ is the national anthem of which country? Wales
15 Which prehistoric period preceded the Bronze Age? Stone Age
16 What is the capital of the principality of Lichtenstein? Vaduz
17 If something is ‘squamous’, what is it covered in? Scales
18 How many blue stripes are on the national flag of Thailand? One
19 What was former US President Richard Nixon’s profession in 1937? Attorney
20 What type of drink is Tio Pepe? Sherry