1 Who played Saffron Monsoon in the UK television comedy series ‘Absolutely Fabulous’? Julia Sawalha
2 What is the name of the fictional road on the council estate to which the Queen and her family have to move in the 1992 novel ‘The Queen and I’ by Sue Townsend? Hellebore Close
3 In the game of billiards, what colour are the spots on the spot balls? Black
4 A fewterer is a keeper of which animals? Dogs
5 In the nursery rhyme, who was eating curds and whey? Miss Muffet
6 The English resort of Broadstairs is in which county? Kent
7 Leonard, Ria, Adam, Russell and Ben are all characters in which British television series? Butterflies
8 In pre-decimal currency in the UK, how many florins were in a pound? Ten
9 Who was voted the Cricket Writers’ Club Young Cricketer of the Year in 1963? Geoffrey Boycott
10 Bald-Faced Hornet is another name for which insect? Wasp
11 What is the title of William Shakespeare’s shortest play? The Comedy of Errors
12 Choiseul, Guadalcanal and Malaita are all part of which island group? Solomon Islands
13 A spitchcock is which type of fish split and grilled? Eel
14 The US television series ‘Frasier’ is set in which city? Seattle
15 Which British politician was the first person to be made an Honorary Citizen of the United States of America? Winston Churchill
16 In Greek mythology, who went to Colchis to bring the golden Fleece back to Baeotia? Jason
17 What is the name of the building in which Mark and Jeremy live in the UK comedy television series ‘Peep Show’? Apollo House
18 Who became leader of the British Liberal Party in July 1976? David Steel
19 In the 1965 film ‘The Sound of Music’, how many Von Trapp children are there? Seven
20 The heart of the 19th Century composer Chopin is said to be preserved in which liquid? Cognac