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1 What is the largest gulf in the world?
2 Melbourne is the capital of which Australian state?
3 How many squares are on a Spear’s Games Snakes and Ladders board?
4 ‘The Compact Pussycat’ is driven by which character in the children’s television series ‘Wacky Races’?
5 How many Deadly Sins are there?
6 How many Jokers are in a standard pack of cards?
7 Tipperary is in which European country?
8 Eddie Fisher, Michael Todd and John Warner were all married to which late Hollywood actress?
9 The Canterbury Tales , published in the 15th Century, was written by which poet?
10 Madras was the former name of which Indian city?
11 What is Philip Treacy famous for designing?
12 Which firework is said to be named after an instrument of torture on which a saint is said to have been martyred?
13 Prince Albert, husband of British monarch Queen Victoria, was born in which modern-day country?
14 Which animal is depicted as the face of breakfast cereal Coco Pops?
15 The countries Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya are all in which continent?
16 According to the nursery rhyme, who had ‘Ten thousand men’?
17 What is the square root of 144?
18 What colour is superhero Batman’s Batphone?
19 ‘The Grand Ole Opry’ in America is famous for what type of music?
20 The caber, kilts and bagpipes are all associated with with European country?