1 Bole International Airport is in which African country? Ethiopia
2 What is the surname of the family in the BBC comedy series ‘Outnumbered’? Brockman
3 In the US, which state borders the south of Kansas? Oklahoma
4 Which is the seventh planet from the sun? Uranus
5 In the Jewish calendar, what is the ninth month of the civil year called? Sivan
6 In which year did the British government decriminalise homosexuality? 1967
7 Who wrote the 1920 novel ‘Women In Love’? D H Lawrence
8 Originating in the Philippines, what is a bolo? Knife/machete
9 Which ball game was invented by Dr James Naismith in Massachusetts USA in 1891? Basketball
10 Hedonophobia is the irrational fear of what? Pleasure
11 Who became Scotland’s longest-serving first minister in November 2012? Alex Salmond
12 What type of creature is a louvar? Fish
13 Anthony van Dyke was court painter of which English monarch? King Charles I
14 Who directed and co-starred in the 1958 film ‘Touch of Evil’? Orson Welles
15 In medicine, Daltonism (or deuteranopia) is better known by what name? Colour-blindness
16 Queen Joan of Navarre, who was imprisoned for witchcraft, was the stepmother of which English monarch? Henry V
17 Said to be the birthplace of the rules of Association Football, Parker’s Piece is in which English city? Cambridge
18 What is the full width of a badminton court in feet? 20 feet
19 ‘Say hello to my little friend’ is a quote from which film starring Al Pacino? Scarface
20 Standard, Miniature and Toy are all breeds of which dog? Poodle