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1 Bole International Airport is in which African country?
2 What is the surname of the family in the BBC comedy series ‘Outnumbered’?
3 In the US, which state borders the south of Kansas?
4 Which is the seventh planet from the sun?
5 In the Jewish calendar, what is the ninth month of the civil year called?
6 In which year did the British government decriminalise homosexuality?
7 Who wrote the 1920 novel ‘Women In Love’?
8 Originating in the Philippines, what is a bolo?
9 Which ball game was invented by Dr James Naismith in Massachusetts USA in 1891?
10 Hedonophobia is the irrational fear of what?
11 Who became Scotland’s longest-serving first minister in November 2012?
12 What type of creature is a louvar?
13 Anthony van Dyke was court painter of which English monarch?
14 Who directed and co-starred in the 1958 film ‘Touch of Evil’?
15 In medicine, Daltonism (or deuteranopia) is better known by what name?
16 Queen Joan of Navarre, who was imprisoned for witchcraft, was the stepmother of which English monarch?
17 Said to be the birthplace of the rules of Association Football, Parker’s Piece is in which English city?
18 What is the full width of a badminton court in feet?
19 ‘Say hello to my little friend’ is a quote from which film starring Al Pacino?
20 Standard, Miniature and Toy are all breeds of which dog?