1 Who returned to office as Canadian Prime Minister in March 1980? Pierre Trudeau
2 Which electronics company released the world’s first all-electric compact calculator in 1957? Casio
3 In Roman mythology, sisters Megaera, Tisiphone and Alecto are known as the what? Furies (or Dirae)
4 What are the titles of the four books in the ‘Twilight’ series by Stephenie Mayer? Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn
5 The original lyrics of the folk song ‘Waltzing Matilda’ were written by which Australian poet in 1895? Banjo Paterson
6 What is the nickname of the UFC (Uniting For Consensus), which was developed in the 1990’s in opposition to the possible expansion of the United Nations Security Council? The Coffee Club
7 What is the name of the villain Azal’s gargoyle servant in the BBC science fiction series Doctor Who? Bok
8 What is the highest number on a UK National Lottery ticket? 49
9 The Henley Royal Regatta takes place over the first weekend of which month? July
10 How many squares does a Rubik’s Cube have on each side? 9
11 The name of which region in India means ‘Land of Five Rivers’? Punjab
12 Provolone is what type of foodstuff? Cheese
13 In the medical profession, what does SRN stand for? State Registered Nurse
14 Nelson’s Column is in which London Square? Trafalgar Square
15 What is the name of the poltergeist which haunts Hogwarts School in the Harry Potter series of novels? Peeves
16 Who had a 1987 hit with the song (Something Inside) So Strong? Labbi Siffri
17 Who succeeded Henry Cooper as British Heavyweight Boxing Champion? Joe Bugner
18 Who wrote the novel ‘Looking for Mr Goodbar’? Judith Rossner
19 Which British monarch was the grandfather of Queen Victoria? King George III
20 US actor/director Jerome Silberman is better known by what name? Gene Wilder