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1 Hipolito Yrigoyen was the President of which South American country from 1928 to 1930?
2 Which English darts player is known by the nickname ‘The Power’?
3 Teri Hatcher played Paris Carver in which James Bond film?
4 Who succeeded Peter III of Russia in 1762?
5 Cee Lo Green is one half of which US soul duo?
6 Who wrote the Christmas book ‘The Cricket on the Hearth’?
7 In February 1938, what was the first commercial product to be made with nylon yarn?
8 What type of creature is a saiga?
9 Which English peer and courtier has been the most popular candidate proposed for the authorship of Shakespeare’s works?
10 In shipping, what does GMDSS stand for?
11 The Harry Potter series of books was published by which British publisher?
12 In Greek mythology, one of the 12 Labours of Hercules was to defeat the man-eating Stymphalian ‘what’?
13 How many ‘E’ tiles are provided in a Scrabble game?
14 Samedi is French for which day of the week?
15 The Scottish village of Ullapool lies on which loch?
16 In May 1990 ‘Portrait of Dr Gachet’ by which artist was sold at auction for a record 82.5 Million US dollars?
17 ‘Welcome to Joyville’ is an advertising slogan for which confectionery brand?
18 Dee Dee, Johnny, Joey, Tommy and Richie were all members of which US rock band?
19 Which British television chef was reported as saying ‘For any chef, supermarkets are like a factory. I buy from specialist growers, organic suppliers and farmers’?
20 Who played the role of Gabrielle Dragon in the 1966 UK television series ‘George and the Dragon’?