1 In the UK in pre-decimal currency how many farthings were in a shilling? 48
2 Harrisburg is the capital of which US state? Pennsylvania
3 Teatro La Fenice opera house is in which European city? Venice
4 The 2009 album ‘Journal for Plague Lovers’ was released by which band? Manic Street Preachers
5 Late English criminal Bruce Reynolds masterminded which infamous robbery, which he later referred to as his ‘Sistine Chapel ceiling’ Great Train Robbery
6 A group of which animals is known as an ‘Array’? Hedgehogs
7 Challis, Loden and Cheviot are all types of which fabric? Wool
8 The headquarters of IT company Viglen double up as one of the filming locations of which British reality television show? The Apprentice
9 The 1990 ‘Community Charge’ introduced by the British government was commonly known by what name? Poll Tax
10 Which element changes a person’s voice when inhaled, making it sound much higher? Helium
11 Rower Alex Partridge and hockey player Hannah Macleod had what stolen from a nightclub in October 2012? Olympic Bronze Medals
12 Rolf Harris recorded a 1964 single calling for which member of The Beatles ‘For President’? Ringo
13 Who did late actor Humphrey Bogart marry in 1945? Lauren Bacall
14 Demophobia is the irrational fear of what? Crowds
15 The first US execution by lethal injection was carried out in December 1982 in which state? Texas
16 Which English author drowned in 1941, after filling her pockets with stones and walking into the River Ouse? Virginia Woolf
17 Which British comedy stage musical, written by Richard O’Brien, opened in London in June 1973? The Rocky Horror Show
18 Late US professional boxer Walker Smith Jr was better known by what name? Sugar Ray Robinson
19 Which cartoon character owns a dog called Dogmatix? Obelix
20 Which UK television game show is the setting for the novel ‘Starter For 10’ by David Nicholls? University Challenge