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1 Who wrote the majority of the books of the New Testament of the Bible?
2 Philippa of Hainault was the wife of which English monarch?
3 Kopavogur, Akureyri and Akranes are all cities in which country?
4 After how many games in a professional tennis match are the balls first replaced?
5 What is the title of the first feature film directed by Sam Mendes?
6 What is the title of Abba’s last UK number one hit single?
7 Ian Botham played his last professional cricket match for which English team?
8 Podophobia is the irrational fear of which part of the body?
9 Bunker, Birdie and Fore are all terms used in which sport?
10 What was the first name of famous German scientist Einstein?
11 What is the largest city in New Zealand?
12 ‘Taim I’ngra leat’ is Irish for what?
13 Acute viral nasopharyngitis is a medical term for which common ailment?
14 At the age of 22 years and 47 days who was the youngest captain of the England football team?
15 Which is the largest city in Asia by population?
16 In our solar system, the sun is composed of mostly which gas?
17 What colour is a fifty ‘pounds’ Monopoly bank note?
18 Which is the only state in the US that commercially grows coffee?
19 In the Christian calender, what does AD stand for?
20 ‘The ‘what’ Tree’ is a 1987 album by U2?