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1 If a creature is spinulose they have a small what?
2 What is the name of Kathy Burke’s character in the UK television series ‘Gimme Gimme Gimme’?
3 Chili Dip, Dormie, Fringe and Shagging are all terms used in which sport?
4 In 1973, which Chicago building became the tallest in the world?
5 Nicole Polizzi, Michael Sorrentino, Samantha Giancola and Paul Del Vecchio have all appeared in which US reality television show?
6 The Chao Phraya River is in which Asian country?
7 In which British country are there laws known as ‘Assembly Bills’?
8 Bare-nosed and Hairy-nosed are the two basic kinds of which marsupial?
9 Laslo Papp won three gold Olympic medals in which sport?
10 Which English actor said that he was drunk when he bought an Elizabeth Taylor painting by Andy Warhol that later made him an 11 million pound profit?
11 Who played Tom Powers in the 1931 film ‘The Public Enemy’?
12 What was the first name of the husband of English novelist Virginia Woolf?
13 The OXO Tower is a landmark in which European city?
14 ‘Refusing to ignore people in crisis’ is the slogan of which charity?
15 Edward VII was the only British monarch to have been born and died at which royal residence?
16 In cookery, boudin noir is French for which foodstuff?
17 What is the metal tip of an umbrella called?
18 Splenitis is the inflammation of which part of the body?
19 What is mixed with soda water to make a spritzer?
20 How many golf balls are said to be on the Moon?