1 ‘Neither a borrower nor a lender be’ is a line from which Shakespeare play? Hamlet
2 How long, in feet, is a regulation NBA basketball court? 94 feet
3 The BES Islands (Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba) are also known by what name? Caribbean Netherlands
4 Shavout is a major festival in which religion? Judaism
5 What type of creature is a koel? Bird
6 In which year was Ferdinand Marcos first elected as President of the Philippines? 1965
7 What is the name given to the eleven ships which sailed from Great Britain to Australia in May 1787, to establish the first European colony in Australia? First Fleet
8 Greek Independence Day is celebrated during which month? March
9 Who was the first actress to win an Oscar for a performance entirely in a foreign language? Sophia Loren
10 Which two countries has the most frequently crossed international border in the world? USA and Mexico
11 Stanford University is in which US state? California
12 What is the title of the 2000 film in which Bruce Willis plays a security guard who is the sole survivor of a train crash? Unbreakable
13 What is the title of the 18th Century novel by Lawrence Sterne, which was published in nine volumes? (The Life and Opinions of) Tristram Shandy (Gentleman)
14 ‘The Sunshine Showdown’ took place in January 1973 in Jamaica between Joe Frazier and which other boxer? George Foreman
15 Scientist Albert Einstein was born in which country? Germany
16 Diablo is another name for who? The Devil
17 What is the title of Alfred Hitchcock’s last completed film? Family Plot
18 In native American folklore, what is ‘The beast that walks like a man’? Bear
19 Cranial nerves emerge directly from which organ in the human body? Brain
20 UK television fitness guru Diana Moran is better known by what name? The Green Goddess