1 Soceraphobia is the irrational fear of which members of the family? Parents-in-law
2 Who wrote the 1865 novel ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’? Lewis Carroll
3 Which British soap opera was the first to feature a gay wedding? The Archers
4 Uncle Pastuzo is the globe-trotting wealthy uncle of which fictional character? Paddington Bear
5 What is the middle name of US actor Samuel L Jackson? Leroy
6 Which country invaded and now controls the north of the island of Cyprus? Turkey
7 In October 2012, which British MP was said to have had to pay for an upgrade after he sat in a first class train carriage with a standard class ticket? George Osborne
8 ‘Winnie the Pooh’ is the Bingo call for which number? 42
9 Which religious movement, developed from ideas of political activist Marcus Garvey, who wanted to improve the status of fellow black people, and which proclaims Garvey as a prophet? Rastafari
10 Who plays the title role in the 1970 film ‘Kelly’s Heroes’? Clint Eastwood
11 Which is the second most common element in the Universe? Helium
12 The Incas referred to which metal as ‘Tears of the Sun’? Gold
13 ‘La Marcha Real’ (The Royal march) is the national anthem of which country? Spain
14 In humans, the medical condition Enuresis is what involuntary function? Urination
15 Seersucker is what type of fabric? Cotton
16 A group of which fish is called a Lap? Cod
17 The 1999 book ‘Black Hawk Down’ by Mark Bowden chronicles the events of which 1993 battle? Battle of Mogadishu
18 Commencing in 1948, and replaced by the World Trade Organization in 1995, what did GATT stand for? General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
19 Which chemical element has the symbol Cn? Copernicium
20 Jake, Ben and Karen Brockman are the three children in which UK television series? Outnumbered