1 Who was the father of English monarch King Edward I? King Henry III
2 In which two books of the Bible does the word ‘God’ not appear? Esther and Song of Solomon
3 Which country won the 1963 Eurovision Song Contest with the song ‘Danesvise’? Denmark
4 In sport, how many parries are there in the classical systems of epee and foil fencing? Nine
5 Who played the title role in the 1985 film ‘Red Sonja’? Brigitte Nielsen
6 Fairy (or Little Blue) is the smallest species of which bird? Penguin
7 Cheryl Crane, aged 14, the daughter of which US actress, fatally stabbed her mother’s boyfriend, Johnny Stampano in 1958, while defending her mother? Lana Turner
8 Ernesto Geisel became President of which South American country in 1974? Brazil
9 Who played Lieutenant Colonel Nicholson in the 1957 film ‘The Bridge on the River Kwai’? Alec Guinness
10 Which tennis player beat Rafael Nadal to win his first US Open title in 2011? Novak Djokovic
11 US comedian Joan Alexandra Molinsky is better known by what name? Joan Rivers
12 In medicine, Epistaxiophobia is the fear of what? Nosebleeds
13 The Southern Tropic, the most southerly latitude on Earth at which the Sun can be seen directly overhead, is also known by what name? The Tropic of Capricorn
14 In which US state did Bill Gates found Microsoft in April 1975? New Mexico
15 What is the national flower of Nepal? Rhododendron
16 Poet Elizabeth Barrett married which poet and playwright on 1846? Robert Browning
17 Which car manufacturer has a logo featuring a red cross and a green snake? Alfa Romeo
18 The 2002 film ‘We Were Soldiers’ is set in which war? Vietnam War
19 Which British television channel was launched on 2nd November 1982? Channel 4
20 In medicine, Renal Calculus is another term for what? Kidney Stone