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1 ‘Forty Years On’ is the title of the first West End play by which British playwright?
2 Tracey Thorn was the lead singer in which English pop duo?
3 MO is the abbreviation of which US state?
4 A sculpin is what type of creature?
5 Which opera by Mozart is also known as ‘The Day of Madness’?
6 What colour is the cross on the national flag of Tonga?
7 What is the name of the cartoon strip which features the fictional dog Snoopy?
8 Which 1960’s model was the first girl’s name on the front of an Eddie Stobart lorry?
9 Which London retailer had the telephone number ‘1’ as its own number in the early 20th Century?
10 What is the name of the island which lies in the middle of the Niagara Falls?
11 The names of which late British radio presenter’s albums were published online in 2012 in a project called ‘The Space’?
12 In English football, what does QPR stand for?
13 Which grandchild of Queen Elizabeth II was the first to marry?
14 Melanophobia is the irrational fear of which colour?
15 Holly Golightly is the heroine of which novel by Truman Capote?
16 Balham, Clapham and Peckham are districts of which British city?
17 How many regions or kingdoms are in a Heptarchy
18 According to the Bible, who did the Queen of Sheba test the wisdom of?
19 What is the first name of Wimbledon tennis champion Federer?
20 ‘Lofsongur’ is the national anthem of which country?