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1 In 1999, who became the first female President of Switzerland?
2 Who wrote the 1902 autobiography ‘The Story of My Life’?
3 The Andaman Sea is known by what other name?
4 What was the name of Peter the Great’s daughter who became Empress of Russia in 1741?
5 The John Bunn Lifetime Achievement is an annual prize given in which sport?
6 Dunlop cheese comes from which country?
7 The Chatham Islands in the Pacific Ocean are part of which country?
8 US investigative reporter and author Clifford Irving is best known for his 1971 hoax autobiography of which reclusive businessman?
9 Quercus is the Latin name for which tree?
10 Who plays the villainous Soviet agent Irina Spalko in the 2008 film ‘Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull’?
11 The city of Shiraz is in which Asian country?
12 The Watford Gap service station is on which British motorway?
13 Dactylonomy is counting using what?
14 ‘Didine’ resembles which bird?
15 The story of the New York gang ‘The Dead Rabbits’ is told in which 2002 film?
16 An Insulinoma is a tumour of which organ of the body?
17 In mythology, who is the Roman god of fire?
18 Who was the last person to leave the house in the first UK television show of Celebrity Big Brother in 2001?
19 The Latin phrase ‘Primus inter pares’ translates to what in English?
20 What is the first name of Halley, after who the famous comet is named?