1 If something is hamiform it is shaped like a ‘what’? Hook
2 In 1497, John ‘who’ was said to have been the first European to have landed on mainland North America? Cabot
3 With which song did Swedish pop group Abba win the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest? Waterloo
4 Michael, John, Steven and Susan are the children of which former US President? Gerald Ford
5 On men ‘Five o’clock shadow’ is another name for what? Beard/face stubble
6 What is the fruit of a hawthorn called? Haw
7 In the game of English billiards, how many points does a cannon score? Two
8 In which part of an animal is the cannon bone? Leg
9 In medicine, a spirograph is an instrument used for recording what? Breathing movements
10 Which letter would appear on a cold tap in a bathroom in France? F (Froid)
11 What is the title of singer Celine Dion’s first UK number one hit single? Think Twice
12 ‘Dog and Bone’ is Cockney rhyming slang for what? Phone
13 Who wrote the trilogy of plays ‘The Norman Conquests’? Alan Ayckbourn
14 How long, in yards, is a field polo pitch? 300
15 Heteropoda davidbowie is the name given to which rare yellow creature in 2009? Spider
16 The 2008 film ‘Valkyrie’ depicts the 1944 plot to assassinate which political figure? Adolph Hitler
17 Tansu Ciller was the first woman Prime Minister of which European country? Turkey
18 Which London Underground station has the longest escalator? Angel
19 Elizabeth Anne Everest was the childhood nanny of which British Prime Minister? Winston Churchill
20 In which country was the 2010 golf Ryder Cup competition held? Wales