1 Who won their first Formula 1 race at the 2012 Chinese Grand Prix? Nico Rosberg
2 How old was playwright William Shakespeare when he died? 52
3 The ‘Heliocentric Model’ is a theory that places which object as the centre of the Universe? The Sun
4 What is the most traded commodity in the World? Crude oil
5 Carl Fredricksen, Russell and Dug are all characters in which 2009 Disney film? Up
6 Southern Indian Lake is in which country? Canada
7 In which year did colour television begin broadcasting across Australia? 1975
8 Which country invaded the Falkland Islands in April 1982? Argentina
9 What type of creature is a Kentish Glory? Moth
10 Great Train robber Ronald Biggs spent over 20 years in which country before returning to Britain? Brazil
11 The Battle of the Little Bighorn was fought in which US state? Montana
12 Which 1968 film starring Marianne Faithful was also known as ‘Naked Under Leather’? Girl on a Motorcycle
13 Which US state is known as The Empire State? New York
14 The 1960’s television series ‘Lost in Space’ is set in which year? 1997
15 ‘It’s the real thing’ was a 1970’s advertising slogan for which product? Coca Cola
16 In the UK television quiz show ‘The Chase’ which chaser is is known as ‘The Beast’? Mark Labbett
17 What does the title of the monthly publication FHM stand for? For Him Magazine
18 Who plays architect Doug Roberts in the 1974 film ‘Towering Inferno’? Paul Newman
19 How many digits do frogs have on their back feet? Five
20 In film making, what does CGI stand for? Computer-generated imagery