1 How many mythical creatures represent years in the Chinese Zodiac? One
2 In which year did the Boeing 747 make its maiden flight? 1969
3 Who was the first British sitting MP to appear on a television reality show? George Galloway
4 The asteroid belt lies roughly between which two planets in our solar system? Mars and Jupiter
5 During which month in 1666 did the Great Fire of London rage for four days? September
6 Who was billed as ‘Undefeated’ in a boxing match in December 2007 against Floyd Mayweather Jr? Ricky Hatton
7 In the final Harry Potter novel, who becomes headmaster of Hogwarts School? Severus Snape
8 What is the surname of Sam in the US television series ‘Cheers’? Malone
9 Which English east coast resort is in the title of a song by Simon and Garfunkel? Scarborough (Fair)
10 A quadruped is an animal with how many feet? Four
11 How many stations are on the Glasgow subway rail system? 15
12 Stermutation is the medical term for which involuntary action in humans? Sneezing
13 A roughy is what type of creature? Fish
14 In 1921, Edith Cowan was the first woman elected to any Parliament in which country? Australia
15 Mount Monaslu is in which South Asian country? Nepal
16 Hyperemesis Gravidarum is severe what in females? ‘Morning’ sickness
17 Who directed the 1969 film ‘Women in Love’, starring Oliver Reed and Glenda Jackson? Ken Russell
18 Who is the Greek equivalent of the Roman god Saturn? Kronos (Cronus)
19 Which character does Antonio Banderos provide the voice for in the 2010 film ‘Shrek Forever’? Puss in Boots
20 Which gas is used to make the bubbles in fizzy drinks? Carbon dioxide