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1 Which river separates New York City from New Jersey?
2 Which former English cricket umpire received an OBE in 2012?
3 Who played James Bond in the 1983 film ‘Octopussy’?
4 Lunes is Spanish for which day of the week?
5 In January 1973, the pilot episode of which British television comedy series, the longest-running sitcom in the world, was broadcast?
6 What is the main ingredient of a Foo Young dish?
7 Which British writer coined the phrase ‘Youth is wasted on the young’?
8 Actress Julianne Moore wrote the children’s book ‘Freckleface ‘what’?
9 St Andrew’s Day, the patron saint of Scotland, falls in which month of the year?
10 A rambutan is what type of foodstuff?
11 The marabou is what type of bird?
12 Albion is the oldest known name for which nation?
13 The song ‘Fashion for His Love’ by Lady Gaga is a tribute to which late fashion designer?
14 In the game of Bridge, what is the name of a 13-card hand containing only cards numbered up to 9?
15 Atlanta is the capital of which US state?
16 What is the first name of fictional character ‘Smiley’, created by the author John Le Carre?
17 How is SOS depicted in international Morse code?
18 Which bird is on the national flag of Papua New Guinea?
19 The Isle of Man lies in which body of water?
20 Singer David Bowie teamed up with UK band Queen on which 1981 hit single?