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1 In Britain, the top layer of a wedding cake was traditionally saved after a wedding for what?
2 Holly Valance and Jason Donovan competed in which 2011 UK television show?
3 Which Chicago building was formerly known as the Sears Tower?
4 Which English football club is nicknamed The Hornets?
5 Which planet in our solar system has a white cloud pattern in its atmosphere nicknamed ‘Scooter’?
6 ‘Stone Cold Sober’ is the 2009 debut single of which English singer/songwriter?
7 Scapa Flow is a body of water in which Scottish island group?
8 Which musical instrument is depicted on the logo of A&M Records?
9 What is the name of the alley in which cartoon character Top Cat lives?
10 The world’s first nuclear bomb was detonated in 1945 in which US state?
11 US rock musician Carmine Appice is famous for playing which instrument?
12 What are the middle names of former US President George H W Bush?
13 A scratchplate is a plate usually attached to which musical instrument?
14 HI is the abbreviation of which US state?
15 Who served only 119 days as British Prime Minister in 1827, before dying of pneumonia?
16 Which British actor was the recipient of the 2012 Bafta for ‘Outstanding British Contribution to Cinema’?
17 What is the basic currency of Laos?
18 Who wrote the 1975 novel ‘The History Man’?
19 In mathematics, how many sides does a rhombus have?
20 Which Nazi war criminal was officially charged with war crimes in February 1983?