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1 What breed of dog is known as a ‘Sausage dog’?
2 Thomas the Tank Engine lives on which fictional island?
3 What is the capital of Sweden?
4 Who was the first centrefold in the December 1953 issue of Playboy magazine?
5 US singer Tony Christie sang ‘Is This the Way to – ‘where’ in 1971?
6 During which month of the year are the US Presidential elections held?
7 What is the name of a Telly Tubby and an Italian river?
8 What was the most common password used online in 2012?
9 What colour shirts did the Italian Fascists wear under the leadership of Benito Mussolini?
10 Pepe le Pew is what type of cartoon animal?
11 Which US band had hits with Call Me, Atomic and Heart of Glass?
12 Which theatre opened in Norfolk Street, Sheffield, England in 1971?
13 Which US city was named after St Francis of Assisi?
14 In the Anna Sewell novel, what is Black Beauty?
15 What was the name of the backing group of British singer Gerry Marsden?
16 Which bird lays the largest eggs?
17 In the game of Cluedo, what colour is the piece that represents Mrs Peacock?
18 How many points are scored for a dropped goal in rugby union?
19 Who wrote the 1817 novel ‘Northanger Abbey’?
20 American singer Al, late British television host Hughie and British businessman Philip all share which surname?