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1 ‘Alcea rosea’ is the Latin name for which common garden flower?
2 ‘The Valley of the ‘what’ is a 1966 novel by US author Jacqueline Susann?
3 Jess Wright, Chloe Sims, Lauren Pope and James Argent all appear in which British Television reality show?
4 Bryndza cheese is made from the milk of which animal?
5 In the British army, which rank is between Lieutenant and Major?
6 What it the title of the second James Bond film, which opened in the UK in 1963?
7 Euchre, Pinochle and Skat are all games played with what?
8 The Gordon Bennett Cup, first awarded in 1906, is a prize in which sport?
9 On a standard dartboard, what number lies between 8 and 14?
10 The ‘Wolf Moon’ is the name of the full moon which occurs during which month of the year?
11 In which century was the office of Black Rod created for the House of Lords in England?
12 The name of which animal derives from the Native American word for ‘He who kills with one leap’?
13 What were the names of the founder of British company JCB?
14 ‘Rock Paper Scissors’ is the title of an exhibition which opened in London’s Waddington Custot Galleries in November 2012 in celebration of the 80th birthday of which British artist?
15 Who wrote the 1932 novel ‘Tobacco Road’?
16 In which year was drug testing first introduced in the Summer Olympic Games?
17 Who became British Prime Minister on November 1990?
18 Which country is the only one to hold a Grand Slam Tennis Tournament on clay courts?
19 Jamaica Inn is in which English county?
20 What is a female hedgehog called?