1 What is the fruit of a rose bush called? (Rose) Hip
2 Tom Church’s statue ‘Freedom’, in Stirling, Scotland, was inspired by which 1995 film? Braveheart
3 Caroline, John and Patrick were the children of which US President? John F Kennedy
4 Late actor Larry Hagman played which character in the US television series ‘Dallas’? J R Ewing
5 ‘The Rumble in the ‘what’ took place between boxers George Foreman and Muhammad Ali on 30th October 1974? Jungle
6 Which late actor narrated the British children’s television programme ‘Willo the Wisp’? Kenneth Williams
7 On which part of the body would a shako be worn? Head
8 A gormandizer is a person who does what to excess? Eat
9 The Kremlin is situated in which city? Moscow
10 If something is ‘preocular’ it is situated in front of which part of the body? Eye
11 Scottish playwright Sharman Macdonald is the mother of which famous English actress? Keira Knightly
12 The largest known volcano in our solar system is on which planet? Mars
13 Who wrote the 1890 play ‘Hedda Gabler’? Henrik Ibsen
14 Which late British Punk rocker had a city square named after him in Grenada, Spain? Joe Strummer
15 Which Scottish physician and novelist created Dr Finlay? A J Cronin
16 Eosophobia is an irrational fear of which part of the day? Dawn
17 How many double-word score squares are there on a standard Scrabble board? 17
18 What is the name of the road which runs through the British Grand National race course at Aintree? Melling Road
19 In the 19th Century the Gutta Percha ball (or Guttie) was used in which sport? Golf
20 Who plays alcoholic John Hancock in the 2008 film ‘Hancock’? Will Smith