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1 The Hawaiian phrase ‘Aloha kakahiaka’ translates to what in English?
2 Which was the first country to win the Six Nations Rugby Union Championship?
3 In humans, microcephaly is having an abnormally small what?
4 Which land mammal has the longest tail?
5 Who was the first person to report seeing craters on the moon using a telescope?
6 In which year did British monarch Queen Victoria celebrate her Diamond Jubilee?
7 The World Bog Snorkelling Championships are held annually in which European country?
8 American millionaire Leonard Jerome was the grandfather of which British Prime Minister?
9 Which line on the London Underground rail system has the longest distance between two stations?
10 Which bird has the poetic name ‘Halycon’?
11 How many spaces does a standard ‘Connect Four’ game have?
12 In an episode of the US television series ‘The Simpsons’ who did Homer mistake for Mr Bean?
13 Brownsea Island is off the coast of which English county?
14 What is the title of the Millais painting used to advertise Pears Soap?
15 El Prat Airport serves which European city?
16 Which US film director and actor said he wanted to ‘Achieve immortality through not dying’?
17 Dorothea Jordan was the mistress of which future British monarch?
18 What was the the first name of 17th Century artist van Dyck?
19 A splat is a single thin, flat piece of wood, often ornamental, which forms part of which piece of furniture?
20 ‘Spud’ is slang for which vegetable?