1 What were the first names of American novelist J D Salinger? Jerome David
2 18th Century anatomist Anna Manzolini was an expert at making anatomical models from which material? Wax
3 How many red stripes are there on the national flag of Thailand? Two
4 A dibatag is what type of animal? Gazelle
5 How many points does the Star of David have? Six
6 In Januaury 1970, Diana Ross and the Supremes performed their farewell concert together at which Las Vegas hotel? Frontier Hotel
7 Which fish are traditionally used to make Stargazy pie? Pilchards
8 Alliumphobia is the fear of which herb? Garlic
9 Which was the first major battle of the English Civil War, that took place in October 1642? Battle of Edge Hill
10 In medicine, stomatitis affects which part of the body? Mouth
11 What is the hottest chilli in the world, said to measure over 2 million Scoville units? The Carolina Reaper
12 Which English Test Cricket captain retired from professional cricket in August 2012? Andrew Strauss
13 Which is the youngest book in the New Testament of The Bible? Book of Revelations
14 Cheveux is French for which part of the body? Hair
15 What is the title of English author Jane Austen’s first published novel? Sense and Sensibility
16 Who played British television detective Jim Taggart? Mark McManus
17 Which London football club is the subject of the novel ‘Fever Pitch’ by Nick Hornby? Arsenal FC
18 How many times did Actress Zsa Zsa Gabor marry? Nine
19 In mythology, who pulled the thorn from the Lion’s paw? Androcles
20 Which British X-Factor judge released a 2012 single entitled ‘Young’? Tulisa