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1 Great Leighs Race Course, which opened in 2007, is in which English county?
2 In horse racing, what does HBLB stand for?
3 In 1973, which horse set new records at the US Kentucky Derby and a new world record at the Belmont Stakes?
4 Which jockey won seven races on Champions Day at Ascot in September 1996?
5 What colour ribbons are given to first place winners at horse shows in Australia?
6 In which year was the tax on betting abolished in the Britain?
7 Famous racehorse Seabiscuit was the grandson of which racehorse?
8 In the Northern Hemisphere on which date do all racehorses celebrate their birthday?
9 In the Southern Hemisphere on which date do all racehorses celebrate their birthday?
10 The English Grand National Steeplechase is held annually at which race course?
11 The Little Brown Jug, hosted at the County Fairgrounds in Delaware, USA is what type of horse race?
12 What is the name of the two-wheeled cart pulled by horses in harness races?
13 Which horse won the 2013 English Grand National at Aintree?
14 Which Australian horse race is marketed as ‘The race that stops a nation’?
15 In 1983, who became the first woman to train an English Grand National winner?
16 Which British flat-racing jockey was popularly known as ‘The Long Fellow’?
17 Which late British jockey’s autobiography is entitled ‘The Sport of Queens’?
18 Punchestown Racecourse is in which European country?
19 What was the first name of English National Hunt horse trainer Ginger McCain, who died in September 2011?
20 Which English horse race is sometimes referred to as the ‘Blue Ribband’ of the turf?