1 In the Harry Potter series of books, whose pets were named Fang and Fluffy? Rubeus Hagrid
2 Who played Pussy Galore in the 1964 James Bond film ‘Goldfinger’? Honor Blackman
3 Which island in the US was known as Oyster Island? Ellis Island
4 Norwegian Omelette is another name for which dessert? Baked Alaska
5 What type of creature is a fody? Bird
6 In describing which city, author Tom Wolfe said ‘Culture just seems to be in the air, like part of the weather’? New York
7 Who was the only actor to have his singing voice dubbed in the 1972 film ‘Man of La Mancha’? Peter O’Toole
8 The 1703 ‘Methuen Treaty’ was a military and commercial treaty between Britain and which other European country? Portugal
9 The ‘Avesta’ is the book of sacred writings in which religion? Zoroastrianism
10 Enero is Spanish for which month of the year? January
11 Who played the title roles in the 1977 film ‘Fun With Dick and Jane’? George Segal and Jane Fonda
12 Central Park is in which borough of New York City? Manhattan
13 In golf, the holing of a ball directly from a bunker is known as a ‘Golden ‘what’? Ferret
14 In Roman mythology, on which part of the body were talaria worn? Feet
15 Who was voted in as Mayor of London in May 2012? Boris Johnson
16 The Koppen Classification System is used for classifying what? Climates
17 Who wrote, produced and directed the 2009 film ‘Avatar’? James Cameron
18 What was the maiden name the mother of US astronaut Buzz Aldrin? Moon
19 Who co-presents the UK television quiz show ‘Eggheads’? Dermot Murnaghan and Jeremy Vine
20 The Museum of Bags and Purses is in which European city? Amsterdam