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1 Who delivered their famous ‘The Lady’s Not For Turning’ speech in October 1980?
2 What is the capital of The Isle of man?
3 British band Lindisfarne had a 1971 hit album entitled ‘The Fog on the ‘where’?
4 Zorro is Spanish for which animal?
5 How many lanes does an Olympic swimming pool have?
6 In 2003, who became the oldest woman to win FHM’s ‘Sexiest Woman in the World ‘ award?
7 The Calcutta Cup is played for in which sport?
8 In which year was Scotland united with England by the Acts of Union?
9 George Clooney, Michael Keaton and Val Kilmer have all played which fictional character on film?
10 Frankfort is the capital of which US state?
11 Which English comedian was born Frederick Fowell in 1943?
12 In the Shakespeare play ‘The Merchant of Venice’, who is Jessica’s father?
13 Which modern-day country was formerly known as British Honuduras?
14 The Abu Simbel temples are in which African country?
15 The purple grenadilla is another name for which fruit?
16 Which month of the year was the ninth month of the Roman calendar?
17 What is the name of the spiritual leader of a community of Zen Buddhist monks?
18 A part of which British motorway was closed for a week in July 2012 after a crack was found in the Boston Manor viaduct?
19 In the BBC television series Dr Who, the villain Davros was from which fictional planet?
20 In which year was the Berlin International Film Festival first held?