1 A Stableford is a scoring system in which sport? Golf
2 Trypanophobia is the irrational fear of which medical procedure? Injection
3 Who wrote the novel ‘The Da Vinci Code’? Dan Brown
4 A diamondback is what type of creature? Snake
5 Kwame Nkrumah became the first President of which country in 1960? Ghana
6 In which year did the first car-carrying hovercraft cross the English Channel? 1968
7 Which religion uses a domed structure called a Stupa as a shrine? Buddhism
8 Neal Foulds, John Dunning and Mark Williams are associated with which sport? Snooker
9 What is the middle name of cartoon character Daffy Duck? Dumas
10 ‘Spondulicks’ is British slang for what? Money
11 Spode pottery is made in which European country? England
12 Which late US singer was known as ‘The Caruso of Rock’? Roy Orbison
13 A turophile is a lover of which foodstuff? Cheese
14 Beth Tweddle has represented Britain in which sport? Gymnastics
15 Which group of islands is known as BVI? British Virgin Islands
16 The US team Miami Heat play which sport? Basketball
17 Which London theatre has a thatched roof? Globe Theatre
18 Soul Patch, Reed, Lincoln and Monkey Tail are all types of what? Beard
19 What is the first name of Arkwright, played by Ronnie Barker in the UK television series ‘Open All Hours’? Albert
20 Before he became US President, Barack Obama was senator of which state? Illinois