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1 In which year did Japan join the United Nations?
2 Which US President officially opened the Empire State Building in New York?
3 Which 1960 film is based on the 1954 film ‘Seven Samurai’?
4 What was the name of the first human spaceflight to land on the moon, in July 1969?
5 Pollo is Italian for which bird?
6 Benjamin Disraeli was British Prime Minister during the reign of which monarch?
7 Amarapura was the former capital of which country?
8 In computing, what is the device which is plugged into a computer which serves as an adapter or to enable the use of certain software?
9 What is the largest internal human organ?
10 The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, signed in August 1939, was between which two countries?
11 Who became the host of the BBC Radio 1 weekday breakfast show in September 2012?
12 What is the title of the 1987 film in which Cher plays a widow who falls in love with the brother, played by Nicholas Cage, of her husband-to-be?
13 Labour Day is celebrated in France during which month of the year?
14 A new Holy Thorn Tree was planted in 2012 in which Somerset town, to replace the one damaged by vandals in 2010?
15 The first passenger fare-paying railway service was established in which European country in 1807?
16 Who played Mike Flaherty, the deputy mayor of New York, in the US television series ‘Spin City’?
17 The Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) was formed in which century?
18 Pan American World Airlines offered the first commercially scheduled Boeing 747 service from John F Kennedy Airport to which British airport in 1970?
19 What is the title of the first number one hit released by the Tamla Motown record label?
20 Which country’s football team did Germany beat in the 2002 FIFA World Cup semi-final?