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1 Which famous English highwayman was hanged for horse-stealing in April 1739?
2 A sitatunga is what type of animal?
3 What does the Latin phrase ‘Cotidiana vilescunt’ translate to in English?
4 In which year did singer Elvis Presley marry Priscilla Beaulieu?
5 Panama disease affects which food crop?
6 Managua is the capital of which Central American country?
7 Which flower is also known as the ‘Lent Lily’?
8 Who became President-For-Life of Haiti in April 1971?
9 Which English poet declined the post of Poet Laureate in 1757?
10 Wilbroe beer is produced in which European country?
11 In the Shakespeare play ‘Macbeth’ who kills Macbeth?
12 David Wilkie, Karl Gunner Larson and Michael Phelps are all associated with which sport?
13 What is the most frequently rolled number with two standard dice?
14 ‘The Fenn Street Gang’ was a spin-off from which British television series?
15 The Halle Orchestra was founded in which British city?
16 Which writer said ‘Bigamy is having one wife too many. Monogamy is the same’?
17 Which Scottish football team is nicknamed ‘The Hoops’?
18 In the UK, RIBA stands for the Royal Institute of British ‘what’?
19 Which Briton won three Gold Olympic medals in the 2008 Summer Olympics?
20 In which novel does fictional private eye Philip Marlowe first appear?