1 A ‘Granthi’ is the keeper and reader of the scriptures in which religion? Sikhism
2 In August 1960, The Beatles began a residency in the Indra Club in which European city? Hamburg
3 Who became the last state President of apartheid South Africa in August 1989? F W de Klerk
4 In medicine, what is the rare syndrome in children, characterised by physical symptoms suggestive of premature old age? Progeria
5 What is the name of the teletext information service started by the BBC in September 1974? Ceefax
6 How long, in Earth days, does it take the planet Mercury to orbit the Sun? 88
7 What type of creature is a capelin? Fish
8 In November 2012, a 1928 poster of which fictional character was sold for auction in Texas for more than 100,000 dollars? Mickey Mouse
9 What was former US President Richard Nixon’s religion? Quaker
10 Auskerry, Burray and Cava are part of which Scottish island group? Orkney Islands
11 Which politician was born Goldie Mabovich? Golda Meir
12 Puck Bay lies off the shore of which European country? Poland
13 Rikki-Tikki-Tavi is the creation of which author? Rudyard Kipling
14 What was the nickname of American Civil War General Thomas Jackson? Stonewall Jackson
15 What number of points come after 15 in a game of tennis? 30
16 What is the English name of the American game of checkers? Draughts
17 In the NATO Phonetic Alphabet, what word represents the letter ‘U’? Uniform
18 In which year was slavery abolished in the USA, under the 13th Amendment to the Constitution? 1865
19 Which record label took its name from the Stevie Wonder song ‘All I Do’? Allido
20 In 1968, what animal was depicted as the first mascot of the Summer Olympic Games? Jaguar