1 Who became editor of the Milan-based socialist newspaper ‘Avanti’ in 1912? Benito Mussolini
2 In which US city is was the first skyscraper said to have been built in 1885? Chicago
3 In which country is Dal Lake? India
4 Michelle Pfeiffer plays teacher LouAnne Johnson in which 1995 film? Dangerous Minds
5 In humans, the right lung is divided into how many lobes? Three
6 Which English rugby union team play their home games at The Recreation Ground? Bath
7 What flavour is the liqueur Creme de Noyaux? Almond
8 The medical condition ‘Gingivitis’ affects which part of the body? Gums
9 Actor Pierce Brosnan made his screen debut in which British gangster film? The Long Good Friday
10 A pressure hull is part of which type of vessel? Submarine
11 What did English naturalist Charles Darwin study at Edinburgh University? Medicine
12 Who became British Prime Minister in June 1935? Stanley Baldwin
13 The Dukes of Beaufort are associated with which sport? Badminton
14 Dendrochronology is the dating of climate changes and past events by studying what? Tree rings
15 Who was the only British Prime Minister to receive a Nobel Prize for Literature? Winston Churchill
16 In which UK city is the television series ‘Hollyoaks’ set? Chester
17 What does an arctophile collect? Teddy bears
18 Jentacular relates to which meal of the day? Breakfast
19 Which German-based group released a 1978 album entitled ‘Nightflight to Venus’? Boney M
20 What is the name of the utopia, where people are almost immortal, in the 1933 novel ‘Lost Horizon’ by James Hilton? Shangri-La