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1 Which chemical element is represented by ‘Se’?
2 What is the title of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers last film they made together?
3 In 1773, who became the first known person to cross the Antarctic Circle?
4 Which French football team won the 1993 European Cup?
5 If a creature is lapidicolous it lives under what?
6 How wide, in metres, is an Olympic swimming pool?
7 In English, which day of the week is named after a Norse god?
8 Which month in 1985 saw the Live Aid concert, organised by Bob Geldof?
9 Who did the Green Bay Packers defeat in the first Super Bowl in 1967?
10 What make and model car did Steve McQueen drive in a car chase through the streets of San Francisco in the film Bullitt?
11 Rhagfyr is Welsh for which month of the year?
12 Who plays The Joker in the 2008 film ‘The Dark Knight’?
13 Chinaman, Flipper and Leg-Break are all terms used in which sport?
14 Black Ivory coffee is produced from Arabica coffee beans consumed by which animals and collected from their dung?
15 How many stations are on the London Underground Central Line?
16 Which cheese is known as ‘The King of English Cheeses’?
17 Actor and singer David Essex played Jesus Christ in which 1970’s London stage musical in?
18 An eccedentesiast is a person who fakes a ‘what’?
19 What colour is the sofa on BBC television Breakfast Show?
20 Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Savarin are two of the creators of which social networking service, launched in February 2004?